Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance in Minnesota, or Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance is a misdemeanor crime.  If convicted, because driving or motor vehicle -related, the court will certify to the conviction to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety for inclusion on the drivers license record and revoke the registration of any vehicle and shall suspend the driver’s license of any operator.  Proof of insurance is required prior to reinstatement. See, Minnesota Statutes Section 169.797.

Driving_in_the_rain-sm+CMPRSDThe best plan is to always have car insurance for every vehicle and driver operated in Minnesota.  If something went wrong with that plan and you get a traffic ticket for no proof of insurance, the first thing to do is to get insurance coverage for that vehicle and driver.  Getting insurance coverage after the violation will not be a legal defense to the criminal charge, but it will be helpful in persuading a prosecutor or judge to exercise discretion and leniency, especially if there are no similar prior convictions.

The defense goal for most people in a Driving Without Insurance case in Minnesota is to prevent a conviction.  If there is no conviction, the court will not “certify a conviction” to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, so it would not go on the drivers license record or trigger a license suspension or vehicle registration revocation.

With multiple priors, prosecutors and judges will likely be looking for the repeat offender to serve executed jail time.  In that situation, the defense goal may become to avoid jail time.

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