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Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance

Penalties for driving with no proof of insurance

Driving Without Insurance in Minnesota, or Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance is a misdemeanor crime.

A common driving offense, the maximum penalty is 90 days jail and $1,000 fine.

If convicted, the court will also certify to the conviction to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  And MN DPS will then:

  • put it on your driver’s license record,
  • revoke the vehicle registration, and
  • suspend your driver’s license.

If you then drive without a valid license, you can face a driving after suspension charge.

Minn DPS requires proof of insurance prior to license reinstatement. See, Minnesota Statutes Section 169.797.

Prevention first

So the best plan is to have car insurance for every driver and vehicle driven in Minnesota.

Plan B – after the driving without insurance ticket

But what if something goes wrong with that plan; and you get a traffic ticket for no proof of insurance? The first thing to do is to get insurance coverage for that vehicle and driver.

Getting insurance coverage after the violation will not be a legal defense to the criminal charge.  But it will help your attorney persuade a prosecutor or judge to exercise leniency.

The defense goal for most people in a Driving Without Insurance case in Minnesota is to prevent a conviction.

After all, if there is no conviction; the court will not “certify a conviction” to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  So, it would not:

  • go on the driver’s license record,
  • trigger a license suspension or
  • vehicle registration revocation.
Penalties for driving without insurance in Minnesota: no proof of insurance charge
Penalties for driving without insurance: no proof of insurance charge

Avoiding jail time for repeat offenders

With multiple prior convictions for driving without insurance, judges may sentence the repeat offender to executed jail time.  So in that situation, the defense goal may become to reduce or avoid jail time.

“Should I hire a lawyer?”

Hiring a good defense attorney to defend you will cost money.  But in the long run, a lawyer is cheaper than a driving without insurance conviction.

The cost of losing your license for 30 day or more, can cause employment problems. 

And for repeat offenders, the jail time can be costly as well. 

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Bringing a good lawyer with you to court sends the right message.  Show you’re taking this seriously.  And you fully intend to drive within the laws of Minnesota from that day forward.

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