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"Liberty means you don't need to justify your choice. Liberty means the government must justify its intrusion.:" Attorney Thomas C. Gallagher
“Liberty means you don’t need to justify your choice. Liberty means the government must justify its intrusion.” Attorney Thomas C. Gallagher

The best defense: Minneapolis criminal defense

Winning your case

What is the single most important factor influencing outcome of a criminal case? The mindset of the accused.  And what is the second most important?   The criminal defense lawyer you choose.  So you can regain control over your life.  And this is how. Here is Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Thomas Gallagher’s guide.

Criminal law problem?  Here is our proven formula for success:

  1. set an outcome goal,
  2. identify the best defenses in your case,
  3. prioritize, focus and map a plan to get there,
  4. execute that plan.

So, felony or misdemeanor, state or federal court; this is our proven formula for success. And Attorney Thomas Gallagher uses this formula to help his clients succeed. So shouldn’t you get the best Minneapolis Criminal Defense?

“Liberty means you don’t need to justify your choice.
Liberty means the government must justify its intrusion.”

Attorney Thomas C. Gallagher

Content-rich website: Minneapolis criminal defense

This website contains useful information for you.  And you’ll find the information you need about:

It’s all here, for you.  So you get more than the basics of Minnesota criminal law. You get over 120 pages of rich content on our pages on this site.

Or, do you have a question? Just call Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher at 612 333-1500, for a consultation.

Valuable insights revealed on our blog

And we host our new Gallagher Criminal Defense blog on this site. So you can get valuable updates on the law and Minneapolis Criminal Attorney Thomas Gallagher.

And you get practical legal information you can use to protect yourself, your family and save money. And no paywall.

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Minneapolis Criminal Law Blog

Effective criminal defense lawyer

Your lawyer should be effective

So after analyzing the client’s problem, we need to produce an outcome. 

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher has that long track-record. And he’s been achieving client-defined outcomes for over 30 years.

So that’s why Thomas C. Gallagher is a top-rated Minnesota Criminal Lawyer by peers.   And that’s why client reviews rank Attorney Thomas Gallagher at the highest possible ranking.

Gallagher Criminal Defense 5 stars rating

Personal Representation – Minneapolis criminal defense

How could you benefit from personal representation and legal counsel by Thomas Gallagher

Avoid a public criminal record.  After all, lost job opportunities due to a conviction history would mean a reduced annual income for years. 

Or, avoid lengthy incarceration.

Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney
Attorney Thomas Gallagher

Now is the time to begin. Time is short, but starting is easy. So call Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher at 612 333-1500.

These are some of the ways that you can benefit.  So you can avoid significant economic and liberty impacts on you, and your family.

You know that a lot is at stake.  So choose the right lawyer now — one who has done it before, and can do it again for you.

Discuss your Minnesota criminal law question. Or ask about a consultation,

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Unique, authentic, creative

Personal service from a criminal defense expert: So when you retain Thomas Gallagher you get personal counsel and representation; expertly guiding you safely through the court process.

Attorney Thomas Gallagher fights for you.

And you get Thomas Gallagher himself, the real deal.

No substitutes — and he won’t pass you off to “a team;” an assistant or young associate.

Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher
Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Best Defense

Attorney Thomas Gallagher knows the way. He can explain it to you. And then he can guide you through the challenges, to the best achievable outcome. Together we can work for justice. Call to begin.

Gallagher Criminal Defense law office is in Uptown Minneapolis.  So it’s easy to find, on-street parking, is accessible.

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Best criminal defense attorney Minneapolis Thomas Gallagher handles criminal cases across the eleven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area and Southeast Minnesota.  And this includes Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, Washington, and Wright counties. He also helps people in the areas of Mankato, Faribault, Owatonna, Red Wing, Rochester, Wabasha, and Winona. And he will consider other cases in greater Minnesota, on a case-by-case basis.

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