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Criminal Law Questions | FAQ

Over the years, we’ve heard people frequently ask certain Criminal Law Questions. And of course we answer them. So, why not put them on a web page, to help even more people, faster? But you can always give us a call with your questions, too. And our contact info is below, as well. So don’t be shy. We want you to have the Minnesota criminal law answers you need!

Minnesota Criminal Law Questions & Answers:

Do I Need a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney? Things to consider when deciding whether you need a criminal defense attorney.

Steps in the Process of a Criminal Case. So here are the basic steps in a criminal case, from pre-charge through trial, sentencing and appeal.

Immigration Law Consequences of Criminal Cases. But what are potential immigration law problems stemming from criminal law cases?

Criminal Defenses. Basic aspects of criminal defenses, including elements of a crime, with examples. And, we address criminal law questions about the legal requirements for a conviction.

Self-Defense in Minnesota. One type of criminal defense is defense of self or property, or defense of others.

Disorderly Conduct. This page discusses the Minnesota Disorderly Conduct Statute. And Disorderly Conduct Lawyer Thomas Gallagher offers insights.

DWI FAQ. This page discusses DWI criminal, drivers license, DWI special plates, vehicle forfeiture, and no use B-Card licenses.

Speeding Laws in Minnesota. Traffic tickets: How to fight a speeding ticket in Minnesota.

And, what about Minnesota criminal record expungement and pardon?

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So, do you have questions that are not answered here, or elsewhere on this website? We’d like to know! And give us a call to let us know your question, and whether you think it should be added here. Thanks for your help!

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