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Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

Thomas C Gallagher is a Minneapolis Criminal Attorney.  He runs his law firm there, Gallagher Criminal Defense.  And Gallagher has over three decades experience successfully representing people in Minnesota courts.

Deep roots in Minneapolis

Minneapolis cherry spoon

Minneapolis cherry spoon

Thomas C. Gallagher has deep roots in the Twin Cities community.  And his family has been active in Minnesota law and politics for three generations.

Family members include:

  • Minnesota Supreme Court Judge,
  • Assistant Minnesota Attorney General,
  • Assistant Hennepin County Attorney,
  • Police Officers,
  • Labor Union leaders,
  • Labor Arbitrator,
  • Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Officers, leaders, candidates.
  • Trial Lawyers
Politically engaged

Apart from being a Minneapolis Criminal Attorney, Gallagher himself has been a political activist.

He has worked on environment and campaign finance issues.   And Thomas Gallagher has experience as a party leader in both major parties.  This includes serving as Co-Chair of the Minneapolis DFL and member of the Minnesota DFL State Central Committee.

And Gallagher has helped run Minneapolis political conventions.  In addition, he’s run campaigns of:

  • Minneapolis City Council Members and Mayors, as well as
  • candidates for Governor of Minnesota and for President of the United States.

Thomas C. Gallagher ran as the Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota House District 61B twice, in 2014 and 2016.  And he’s active in the Minnesota Republican Party, in Senate District 61 and the State Central Committee.

Liberty issues activist

Gallagher is also a decades long marijuana legalization activist.

“It’s about Liberty, not about marijuana,” Gallagher said.  He is a founding Board Member of Minnesota NORML, a legalization non-profit, since 2011.  And his experience as a Minneapolis criminal attorney fuels his passion for legal reform.

Minneapolis grounded

Gallagher has lived in the Twin Cities his entire life.  Gallagher attended schools in Minneapolis, Hopkins and Minnetonka.

After that, he studied for his Bachelor of Arts degree.  A psychology enthusiast, his major was in the University of Minnesota’s top-ranked Psychology Department.

Then Gallagher graduated with his Juris Doctor degree from top-ranked University of Minnesota Law School in 1988.

Greater Minnesota and Western Wisconsin
The gas station's chicken

The gas station’s chicken

Though a Minneapolis criminal attorney, he travels throughout greater Minnesota representing clients.

He loves traveling Minnesota.  The people are the best.  And he enjoys the beautiful historic courthouses we treasure.  Even the jails around the state are quite interesting.  And though beautiful buildings and nature abound throughout Minnesota, the people are the most interesting of all.

In the warm months, he rides his sport bike through the twisties of southeastern Minnesota and southwestern Wisconsin.

We can really get to know an area riding the back roads on a motorcycle all day.

Even handed

Gallagher sued the City of Minneapolis for police misconduct, back when he did personal injury work.  But he has also defended individual police officers in court, as a Minneapolis criminal attorney.

Minneapolis level local laws

Minneapolis, like other cities, can charge people with violating Minneapolis City Ordinances, in addition to Minnesota Statutes.  And these can include criminal zoning law and traffic violations.

But City Ordinance traffic violations have the advantage of not going on the Minnesota Drivers License Record.

The Minneapolis Police Policy and Procedure Manual does direct police officers to issue State Statutory citations rather than City Ordinance citations.  But police officers do have discretion.

Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer
Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

A recognized expert in Minnesota criminal law, Gallagher has published many legal articles.

Gallagher has taught dozens of Continuing Legal Education courses to other lawyers, judges, police officers, and paralegals.

And throughout Minnesota, Thomas conducted and won many jury trials, as well as appeals.

Gallagher has top-ratings from organizations respected for rating lawyers, reserved for the best Minnesota criminal lawyers.

Knowledge is power:  Gallagher publishes a blog: Minneapolis Criminal Law Blog

So, could You Benefit from his experience as a Minneapolis Criminal Attorney?

Criminal law question?  Gallagher gives free consults of up to a half-hour by phone.  So call 612-333-1500.