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What is a crime?

crimes- know the rules in Minnesota

Crimes are acts punishable by loss of liberty or life.  But Minnesota state law abolished the death penalty long ago.  Still, the federal government might assert its death penalty jurisdiction in Minnesota one day. 

So, for decades, criminal cases in Minnesota involve taking away a person’s Liberty, and labeling them a criminal.

Who are the accused?

We the People - Crimes
We the People – Crimes

Many great people in history faced criminal charges. 

One of the most famous criminal trials in history is the Trial of Jesus.  And Socrates, Joan of Arc.  Were they guilty of real crimes? These cases teach us to avoid using criminal law carelessly.

To err is human:  The criminal laws and the legal system are the product of humans – imperfect and flawed.  And the accused is at a disadvantage.  So a person facing an accuser needs a good defense lawyer to be heard. See, Jesus as Defense Lawyer: The Woman Accused of Adultery.

It is written

No person can be held criminally responsible unless the law is:

  • written, and
  • clearly prohibits an intentional act,
  • with a defined penalty. 

These laws are statutes.

Judges and juries apply the laws to cases based upon evidence presented.  Judges write legal opinions interpreting statutes and other criminal laws.

“There ought to be a law?”

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Remember the Ten Commandments?  Ok.

Now, do you remember the 648 Chapters of Minnesota Statutes?

We have so many laws today; so many criminal laws.  And every year, more laws; more crimes.

Do people really believe that laws are magic solutions? Can laws solve every human problem, with words and the brute force of the State?

We’ve reached a point where our criminal laws cause problems, rather than solve them.

The Defense

Each of us has a role to play in guarding the Liberty of the individual.  Protect his or hers, and you’re protecting yours and that of your family.  If “the other” is at risk, so are you.

The jury and the judge are the last defense against government violation of human rights.  And the defense attorney is the advocate of Liberty, on behalf of the accused.

Types of crimes

Gallagher Criminal Defense represents clients charged with crimes in Minnesota courts – both state and federal.  These include:

Property, Theft and White Collar

Homicide related

Sex crimes

Marijuana and other drug crimes



Revenge Porn Laws

Assault and other crimes against persons

Domestic related & Violation of an Order for Protection, DANCO

Impaired Driving and Alcohol related

Felony, Gross Misdemeanor, Misdemeanor, and Petty Misdemeanor consequences

Federal criminal defense

Why Gallagher Criminal Defense?

When you learn that you are a target of a police investigation or prosecution, you need a criminal defense lawyer.  After all, these are legal problems with legal solutions.

Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher
Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher

A good criminal defense attorney will be able to begin to untangle the knot.  And early intervention works better.  So, we can do more with more time.

We hope this main crimes page, which links to several individual crimes pages, will help you.  And our other pages cover criminal defenses, steps in the process, and information about Defense Attorney Gallagher.

If you have a question about criminal charges in Minnesota, call Minneapolis Defense Attorney Thomas C. Gallagher, at 612 333-1500