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About Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher

About Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher

Thomas Gallagher is a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney. The best criminal defense lawyers have legal skills. But the best criminal attorney must also have compassion and loyalty. So, Thomas Gallagher helps people.

“Every client deserves the best defense”

Every person facing accusations deserves the best defense attorney. But Thomas Gallagher can only represent the chosen few.

The emotional truth

A person accused feels the weight and power of the government. And the State would force a bad outcome; and disregard the truth and justice. As a result, every defendant feels this immediate trauma.

The solution? A good defense lawyer can give you a real voice. And you deserve a fair chance.

We can make that happen. So, justice can prevail, after all.

But the lawyer you choose makes a difference in the outcome of your case. So why not contact the best criminal attorney in Minneapolis?

Meet Attorney Thomas Gallagher

Gallagher Criminal Defense law firm is in Uptown Minneapolis. And Attorney Thomas C Gallagher has over three decades experience defending clients in Minnesota Federal and State Courts.

Gallagher-empowering-600 Minneapolis Criminal Defense
Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Defense Lawyer

Thomas Gallagher provides phone consultations. Do you have a Minnesota criminal law question? Call him at 612-333-1500

The origin story

After a Psychology Bachelor’s Degree, Thomas Gallagher began working as a paralegal in 1984. And then discovering a passion for criminal law. So, he decided to go to law school.

Then he went to the University of Minnesota Law School, a top-rated law school.

And after graduating in 1988, he did another law firm’s criminal defense attorney work. But he also handled cases in their other practice areas.

“Liberty means you don’t need to justify your choice, the government must justify its intrusion.”

– Attorney Thomas C Gallagher

And that broad legal experience in the early years provides a solid foundation. After all, the law is a seamless web.

Creative control

Then, in 1993, Thomas Gallagher founded his own practice, Gallagher Criminal Defense law firm in Minneapolis. Part scholar and part public performer, hard work is the key ingredient to his success.

Communication skills

Written communications skills are important for a criminal defense attorney. And Thomas Gallagher writes. He writes motions, briefs, legal articles, blog articles, and legal education materials,

But verbal communication skills – including listening – are at least as important.

After all, Attorney Thomas Gallagher presents cases to juries and judges. And he speaks to other groups.

Client communication, too, is an essential skill. Listening to clients carefully is key.

“The law isn’t justice. It’s a very imperfect mechanism. If you press exactly the right buttons and are also lucky, justice may show up in the answer. A mechanism is all the law was ever intended to be.”

Raymond Chandler

Recognized expert in criminal law: Thomas Gallagher

Professional consults: Other lawyers consult Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher. And he is happy to help those colleagues. He answers questions about:

Minnesota Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher press conference

Referrals: Most of Thomas Gallagher’s clients are referrals. And clients tell him who recommended him to them.

Referral sources include other lawyers, judges, prosecutors and police officers, as well as former clients.

Teacher: Many bar associations and Continuing Legal Education providers ask Thomas Gallagher to teach CLE classes on criminal law topics.

So, he works hard to provide quality education and materials to the lawyers, judges and police officers who attend.

And you can see a detailed list of the courses and topics Attorney Thomas Gallagher has taught.

Unique, strategic approach of Attorney Thomas Gallagher

Every lawyer has their own unique personality and background, just like all people. So what core values and experiences drive Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher? Here are the top three:

  1. Curiosity. Sustained effort can be hard work. Problem-solving can also be fun. But either way, Attorney Gallagher is relentless.
  2. Compassion. We are not so different. So let’s see through each other’s eyes. We can share our emotional truths.
  3. Communication. No matter how developed your communication skills, we can always improve them. We can understand each other. And active listening helps us connect and communicate.

Thomas Gallagher comes from the Minneapolis community, and a family involved in Minnesota law and politics for three generations. Gallagher has been a political issue activist. And he’s been a party leader in two of the state’s major parties. He served as Credentials Chair for Minneapolis political conventions. Gallagher worked on campaigns of Minneapolis City Council Members and Mayors. And he’s even been a candidate himself.


He serves on the Board of Directors of Minnesota NORML, working to legalize marijuana in Minnesota.

He was born in Minneapolis. And he has lived in Minneapolis his entire life.

Teaching and News Media

A recognized expert in Minnesota criminal law, Gallagher is an author of numerous legal articles.

And Thomas Gallagher regularly teaches Continuing Legal Education courses to other lawyers, judges, police officers, and paralegals.

Attorney Thomas Gallagher has taught on many legal topics. And these include jury trial practice, marijuana laws, DWI defense, sex crimes defense, and gun laws. In addition, he often speaks to groups about legal rights, criminal law and reform.

News reporters contact him for expert comment and background on criminal-law and legislature news stories. And he testifies in the Minnesota legislature on criminal justice issues.

Get the best criminal defense attorney
Get the best criminal defense attorney

Courtroom Success

Attorney Thomas Gallagher has conducted and won numerous jury trials.

And he wins cases with pretrial motions.

Practice areas: criminal law

Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher’s criminal defense practice includes criminal matters of every type.

Practice areas include:

Thomas C. Gallagher devotes his time, heart and soul into being the best criminal attorney possible, in every case, for every client. And he successfully defends clients in the most serious felony and misdemeanor cases.

Attorney Thomas Gallagher has successfully handled numerous jury trials, trials to a judge, evidentiary hearings, probation hearings, and appeals. These include high-profile cases.

Lawyer Thomas Gallagher is relentless, works hard, with the client’s outcome goal in mind.

Clients also retain Twin Cities Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher during police investigations. And when they do, he provides “pre-charge counsel” to reduce the likelihood of charges. He also represents witnesses, as well as crime victims.

Thomas Gallagher represents many non-citizens. And his clients include Permanent Resident “Green Card” holders, at risk of Removal (Deportation) or other negative immigration law consequences.

A criminal prosecution, guilty plea, or conviction can trigger negative immigration consequences. And these include Deportation or Denial of Naturalization, etc. But Attorney Thomas Gallagher can help by managing the criminal case; to avoid a much more difficult immigration problem.

Get Answers to Your Questions

Attorney Thomas Gallagher answers questions about criminal law and cases every day when people call him. And many are other attorneys seeking his expert advice.

So you are welcome to call him with your question.

In addition, he participates in several online Q & A sites. Posting a criminal law question on a public website carries risks. But it’s a comfortable way for some to start reaching out for help.

Best-rated by lawyers and clients

Thomas C. Gallagher is a top criminal attorney in Minneapolis, according to other lawyers and clients.

Client reviews: Thomas Gallagher works hard to be the best criminal attorney. And he provides the best defense for every client.

Gallagher Criminal Defense logo 200

Just check out his five-star reviews online, with Google and others.

Recognized Legal Expert & Teacher: Peers frequently ask Attorney Thomas Gallagher to teach law in Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) courses. And for decades, Gallagher has taught CLE courses to other lawyers judges, and police officers on criminal law.

Peer Review Ratings of Thomas Gallagher

Other lawyers in the community have voted in peer-review ratings: Thomas Gallagher is a top-rated Minnesota criminal attorney.

AV rated: Martindale-Hubbell’s peer-based rating by lawyers and judges, has awarded Thomas C. Gallagher its “AV-rating.“ So they rate him one of the best criminal lawyers in Minnesota.

This is the highest possible rating. The “A” rating means “very high to preeminent” legal ability. And the “V” rating means “very high” ethical standards. So Thomas Gallagher’s AV Preeminent® (4.5-5.0) rating is significant. Peers in the legal community rank Thomas C. Gallagher at the highest level of professional excellence and ethics.

Leading the Way: Thomas Gallagher is a proud Member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice (“MSCJ”). Limited to fifty members, MSCJ is a College of the best criminal lawyers in Minnesota. So MSCJ’s members vote on applicant’s admission, based on jury trial experience and commitment to Criminal Justice. Then, MSCJ members meet monthly to share information and improve advocacy skills.

Superb Attorney Rating: rates Thomas Gallagher a “Superb” 10 out of 10 under its proprietary rating system. Avvo rates all active Minnesota lawyers.

Looking for the best criminal attorney near you?

If you someone has accused you of a crime, or if police want to question you, get help now. Or, if you have a criminal law question, call Minneapolis Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher. So you can discuss your case, in a limited phone consult, at no charge.

35 Street entry – Gallagher Criminal Defense, Uptown Minneapolis Office

And Minnesota Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher’s law office is conveniently located in Uptown Minneapolis. It’s at Hennepin and 35th Street, with on-street parking.

Gallagher Criminal Defense regularly represents clients in Twin Cities metro courts, as well as greater Minnesota upon special consideration. So call for a phone consultation to start.

Contact Gallagher Criminal Defense with your case or question.

How do you find great criminal attorneys? Are you looking for the best criminal attorney in Minneapolis?

Then, meet Thomas Gallagher. And he will listen. He is happy to help; and put his expertise to work for you.

Professional leadership, background, education, peer ratings & reviews of Attorney Thomas Gallagher

Member Defense Attorney, Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice

Voted Member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, limited to fifty of the best criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota:


“AV rated:” Martindale-Hubbell’s peer-review rating (best ethics & legal ability):

Thomas Gallagher avvo-badge-cr

“Superb” rating “10 out of a possible 10,” the best possible, by

Thomas Gallagher Best Lawyers logo 2019

U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms and Best Lawyers, peer review selected:

Minnesota Monthly Best Lawyers 2019

Minnesota Monthly Best Lawyers rating:

Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas C Gallagher’s professional leadership, associations, educational background, peer-review best-ratings and five-star reviews, appear below.

Recognized Leader Among Lawyers
Leadership positions in legal, political, community organizations; and bar association memberships:

MemberMinnesota Society for Criminal Justice2000 – present
PresidentMinnesota Society for Criminal Justice2010 – 2011
MemberMinnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers1995 – present
MemberNational Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers1995 – present
MemberNORML Legal Committee1995 – present
Chair, Board of DirectorsMinnesota NORML2017 – 2018
Board of DirectorsMinnesota NORML2011 – present
CommissionerMinneapolis Civil Rights Commission2011 – 2017
MemberHennepin County Bar Association, Criminal Law Section1988 – present
MemberMinnesota State Bar Association, Criminal Law Section1988 – present
Member, Issue EditorHennepin County Bar Association, The Hennepin Lawyer Editorial Committee1989-2004
Member – Board of GovernorsMinnesota State Bar Association, Board of Governors1995-2001
ChairHennepin County Bar Association, Criminal Law Section1995-1999

Links to List of Courses Taught: by Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas C. Gallagher, Lecturer and Presenter at Seminars presented to Lawyers, Judges, Police Officers, and others in the legal community.

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