Minneapolis Criminal Attorney Thomas Gallagher

“Every client deserves the best defense

Thomas Gallagher is a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney.  The best criminal defense lawyers have legal skills as well as compassion and loyalty.  Gallagher helps people.

Every person accused deserves the best criminal defense.  Gallagher can only represent the chosen few, however.

The emotional truth 

A person accused may feel overwhelmed by the power of the government.  The State would force a bad outcome, in disregard for truth or justice.

The solution?  A good defense lawyer can make all the difference, giving you a real voice.  You deserve a fair chance.  We can make that happen.  Justice can prevail, after all.

The lawyer you choose can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Meet Attorney Thomas Gallagher

Thomas Gallagher, Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis
Thomas Gallagher, Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis

Gallagher Criminal Defense law firm is located in Minneapolis.  Thomas C Gallagher is a criminal lawyer with over 30 years experience defending clients in Minnesota Federal and State Courts. 

Gallagher provides free consultations of up to a half-hour about Minnesota criminal law matters.  You can call him at 612-333-1500

Gallagher is from the Minneapolis community, and a family involved in Minnesota law and politics for three generations.  Gallagher has been a political issue activist.  And he’s been a party leader in two of the state’s major parties.  He managed large Minneapolis political conventions.  Gallagher worked on campaigns of Minneapolis City Council Members and Mayors.  He’s been a candidate himself.

374_NLCmember-smHe is serves on the Board of Directors of Minnesota NORML, working to legalize marijuana in Minnesota.  He was born in Minneapolis, and lived there his entire life.

Recognized legal expert

GallagherDefense.com logoA recognized expert in Minnesota criminal law, Gallagher is an author of numerous legal articlesGallagher has taught dozens of Continuing Legal Education courses to other lawyers, judges, police officers, and paralegals.

Gallagher has taught on topics including jury trial practice, defending marijuana cases, DWI defense, sex crimes defense, and gun laws.   And he often speaks to groups about legal rights, criminal law and reform topics.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense >  Thomas Gallagher has conducted and won numerous jury trials.

Best rated by lawyers and clients

Thomas C Gallagher has top-ratings from organizations respected for rating lawyersConsumers rate him one of the best criminal lawyers in Minnesota (links at bottom of page):

  • Member Defense Attorney, Minnesota Society for Criminal JusticeVoted Member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, limited to fifty of the best criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota:

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  • “AV rated:” Martindale-Hubbell’s peer-review rating by lawyers & judges (best ethics & legal ability):

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  • “Superb” rating “10 out of a possible 10,” the best possible, by avvo.com: