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Theft Attorney | Property Crimes Defense

Theft Attorney Thomas C Gallagher defends People from accusations of embezzlement, forgery, bribery, fraud, and property crime. White collar crime attorney Thomas Gallagher defends people facing theft charges. And he has for over three decades, in both Minnesota State and Federal Courts.

These cases have ranged from large to small amounts of loss. So he defended million dollar white-collar crime, federal fraud and theft charge cases; and $50,000 embezzlement charges. And Thomas Gallagher’s cases include government-official bribery, receiving stolen goods – even shoplifting cases involving mostly a good person’s good name.

So theft attorney Thomas Gallagher can help you. And you can give him a call for your phone consultation.

The double standard

Do the Powerful Forgive Themselves More Easily?

If the government makes a mistake, maybe one day you will get a tax refund. But if you make a mistake what will they do to you? So chances are you’ll need a white collar crime attorney.

Or imagine: You buy several items at a retail store, then get home and notice overcharges. And if you’re willing to take the trouble to drive back to the store, hopefully they’ll refund you.

Accusation? Consult a good theft attorney.
Accusation? Consult a good theft attorney

But if you leave a retail store and mistakenly forget to pay for an item, what happens to you? Will they let you just apologize and pay for the item?

You may need a theft attorney.

So, is there a double standard in our society for Big Brother vs. “the little guy?”

And does the imbalance of power poison the well of justice?

Abuse of power leads to injustice: theft attorney

What if police threaten to take your kid, unless you “confess” to something you did not do? So, would you feel pressured to say what they want to hear to get your kid back?

And what if an investigator tells you to sign a confession, promising prosecution unless you sign? Would you sign it?

Or what if you are at work, trying your best to understand complex federal regulations and comply with them. But then something goes very wrong.

And when they come looking for a fall-guy, could you be a target for a federal investigation? Or, for a subpoena to testify before a Grand Jury – as a “witness,” or for possible indictment?

These are examples of cases where Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher has represented clients successfully.

Prosecutors do not always enforce the law fairly. And the law alone is not a magic solution.

But with hard work and patience the law can be an effective tool, in the right hands, for justice and liberty. So your theft attorney can use the law to protect your future; and your family’s future.

The lawyer you choose will make a difference in how your story ends.

Theft Attorney services

Attorney Thomas Gallagher handles all varieties of theft charges and property crimes, including:

Large property crime cases:

  • White Collar Crime defense, including federal court, regulatory, government program, conspiracy, embezzlement, forgery, bribery, etc
  • Large Dollar Amount cases, including business-related issues and claims.

Abuse of trust claims:

  • Embezzlement charges.
  • Bribery claims, including bribery charges against government officials.

State court theft defense:

  • Felony theft charge.
  • Theft by swindle.
  • Forgery claims.
  • Auto theft.
  • Receiving Stolen Goods.
  • Petty theft.
  • Shoplifting.

Constitutional and evidence defenses

Prevention and rights protection:

  • Pre-charge Counsel, exposure evaluation, employee acts, government targeting and police investigation. A theft attorney can have a big impact, early on.
  • Witness Representation, including advice and counsel, assistance asserting the Fifth Amendment Privilege, seeking Immunity.

FAQ: “What is the difference between theft and robbery?”

Categorization is big in the law. And it’s necessary, but can go too far. So, we can divide crimes into two categories:

Theft, white collar crimes, and property crime generally are not crimes against persons.

But what is a crime against person?

When a perpetrator commits a crime in the presence of another person, that is a crime against person. And this is so, even where the perpetrator takes property.

So crimes like robbery are crimes against a person, even with property theft.

But burglary is a crime in the grey area. And so, most burglary crimes carry bigger penalties with an assault or threat against a person. So in those circumstances, it’s more of a crime against person.

Crimes against persons are more serious charges than property crime charges. But either way, you’ll need the best theft attorney to defend you.

FAQ: “Is theft a felony in Minnesota?”

In general, theft is a felony in Minnesota if the dollar amount of loss claim is over $1,000. But lower loss claims can support a felony theft charge.

So for example, if the defendant has priors a loss claim of over $500 can be a felony charge. Or, if the stolen item is a motor vehicle.

But a loss claim of $500 or less generally supports a misdemeanor theft charge.

The penalties are more complex though. You can see them at Minnesota Statutes §609.52, subd. 3. A good theft attorney can protect you from the worst.

Outcome goals: theft attorney

Having a criminal record causes long-lasting damage to future income stream. And a conviction for a crime of dishonesty is even worse. For non-citizens, most of these are “crimes of moral turpitude” under federal immigration law, or worse. But no matter who you are, avoiding a conviction is valuable.

For people facing an allegation of a first offense, a keep-your-record-clean outcome may be the number one priority.

But with a prior record, facing a bigger theft charge, the goal may be to avoid a long prison sentence.

Gallagher-empowering-600 Minneapolis Criminal Defense
Contact white collar crime attorney Thomas Gallagher, about your case

So, the theft attorney you choose will make a big difference for your future.

Call Minnesota Theft Attorney Thomas Gallagher to discuss solutions to your criminal law case: 612 333-1500

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