Underage Consumption > Can a Minor Refuse a Breath Test in Minnesota?

What are the most important underage drinking laws in Minnesota?  Can police force a minor consumption suspect to blow into a breath test machine?  The three biggest legal problems for those underage are: (1) underage consumption; (2) minor in possession of alcohol; and, (3) underage drinking and driving (“not a drop”) Underage drinking laws and driving The most… Read More »Underage Consumption > Can a Minor Refuse a Breath Test in Minnesota?


Disparity of Force and Self-Defense

The use of force in self-defense is a defense to many criminal charges, from felony to misdemeanor level. But when it comes to self-defense law, courts look to the totality of circumstances.   There is no bright line test.  But one important factor is disparity of force. Yes, disparity of force means what it sounds like. … Read More »Disparity of Force and Self-Defense


Sex Workers, Prostitution and Minnesota Law

How can we best understand prostitution law? Prostitution law involves two important aspects of human existence: sexuality and money.  What is prostitution?  Sex for money. Sex and money are both emotional topics.  So is it any surprise that prostitution is controversial?  After all, it’s been around longer than money. But throughout history and across cultures, we have diverse… Read More »Sex Workers, Prostitution and Minnesota Law