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Get Out of Jail After Arrest – Tips for Getting Her Out

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Out of the blue – someone you love has been arrested and is in jail. So what can you do? And what do you need to know? From bail to a lawyer, this handy guide offers ten tips on how to get your loved one out of jail.

He is in jail. So their ability to act on their own behalf is severely limited – at least until they get out.

Keep these ten tips in mind

1. Regain emotional balance

Being arrested and jailed is a big shock; an unwelcome one at that. And even more so for loved ones. They may feel a flood of conflicting emotions, from anger to sadness to a sense of powerlessness.

But there are things you can do to help.

Gaining knowledge and asserting some control will help you (and your loved one) regain your emotional balance; and begin problem-solving. And helping them get out of jail is a good first step.

2. Phone calls from jail

Heads up: It is vital to understand that phone calls from jail are recorded and provided to police investigators and prosecutors. And a set of evidence recordings labeled “jail calls” is not something defense lawyer Thomas Gallagher wants to see in his cases.

As a result, learn and apply this rule:

“Avoid talking about incident over the jail phone.”

Of course you’re curious. And sure, they may want to tell. But don’t ask about it until they are out. And don’t let them tell you, or talk about it on the phone! After they are out, that will be the time to speak freely.

Patience is even more important when the person is actually innocent. After all, they can and will twist words to help convict the innocent.

And if the person in jail has a No Contact Order prohibiting them from talking to you; do not talk to them. That would only bring them another, separate criminal charge. But especially don’t talk on a call from jail. They’re recording it.

3. Big picture vs. immediate problem

In the long run, the most important thing is how the criminal case turns out in the end; the outcome. So avoid doing anything that could jeopardize that in any way (for example, jail phone calls).

In the short run, however, it’s important to get the accused person out of jail quickly if possible. Why? Having a job not only provides legal income; it also reassures the court that the defendant won’t break the law in the future.

But most importantly, being held in jail demoralizes and dehumanizes people. So they are are more likely to plead guilty – even when they are innocent.

Getting out of jail, bail, the law, the defense attorney 300
Getting out of jail, bail, the law

4. Minnesota criminal defense lawyer

Consulting a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer is a good idea. We can help with everything discussed here; and lay the groundwork for an effective defense. After a recent arrest, we (criminal defense lawyers) should help educate both the accused and their loved ones about:

  • the big picture solutions, as well as
  • solving the immediate problem of helping get out of jail on a pre-trial basis.

Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

Start with a phone call. A jail visit may follow.

5. Bail bond company

After a recent arrest, with a pretrial release hearing coming up, a good bail bond company can provide helpful services; beyond simply posting a bail bond with the court.

And the criminal defense lawyer should be able to recommend one.

6. Arrest without a warrant

Many people in jail were arrested without an arrest warrant. (An arrest warrant includes a preliminary finding of “arrest probable cause” by a judge.)

In Minnesota we have the so-called 36 hour and 48 hour rules limiting how long a person can be detained (in jail) without a judicial finding of arrest probable cause. Due to rules about which days count towards those limits, we’ll skip for now the details of how those rules are applied.

But you do need to know: “how long can they hold her without filing a criminal charge; and without a pre-trial release (bail) hearing before a judge?” Because she will get out of jail without bail or conditions; if the prosecutor does not file charges within the deadline.

The easiest way to find out? Ask the jail: “what is the deadline for releasing him if charges haven’t been filed?” The Deputy at the jail will normally tell you, “noon,” of such-and-such day of the week. To go beyond that, call Attorney Thomas Gallagher or another Minnesota criminal defense lawyer.

7. Arrest with a warrant

Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 3.02, Subd. 2.

“Directions of Warrant. The warrant must direct that the defendant be brought promptly before the court that issued the warrant if the court is in session. If the court specified is not in session, the warrant must direct that the defendant be brought before the court without unnecessary delay, and not later than 36 hours after the arrest, exclusive of the day of arrest, or as soon as a judge is available.”

Minn. Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 3.02, Subd. 2

See also, Rule 4.01. A defense lawyer can use a violation of this rule to get a client out of jail.

8. Right to Pretrial Release; out of jail

The Minnesota Constitution includes two clauses guaranteeing the right to bail. The first says “excessive bail shall not be required.” Minn. Const. Article 1, § 5, similar to the United States Constitutional protection against excessive bail.

And the Minnesota Constitution also provides: “All persons before conviction shall be bailable by sufficient sureties, except for capital offenses.” Minn. Const. Article l, § 7. So under Section 7, all persons are entitled to bail and pre-trial release except those charged with capital offenses.

Since Minnesota no longer has the death penalty. So all defendants have the right to have bail set, to get out of jail on pretrial release.

Female-jail-cell-bail-600. out of jail
Get out of jail

9. Pretrial release hearing

A judge determines the conditions of release. The defendant’s defense attorney can argue for release at a pre-trial release hearing (bail hearing).

The purpose of conditions, including bail, is to assure a person’s appearance at future court proceedings. Court rules tell judges to release individuals without conditions; unless such a release “will endanger the public safety or will not reasonably assure the defendant’s appearance.”

There is no maximum bail for felonies. But the maximum bail for non-felonies is four times the maximum fine ($12,000 for a Gross Misdemeanor; $3,000 for a Misdemeanor). And the defendant has the right to unconditional bail (release with no other conditions than money bail).

And most judges will set two bail amounts: one with, and one without, conditions to get out of jail. If a judge does not set an unconditional bail amount, the defense attorney can immediately request it.

The defendant will need to choose one of the two options that day. And he will not be able to change his or her mind later unless a judge allows that.

A person in jail can request that the court postpone consideration of pretrial release issues. And sometimes this is a good idea. But we can leave this as a point to discuss with the defense attorney on the phone.

In domestic cases, the prosecutor’s victim can appear to ask the judge to not issue a No Contact Order.

10. Remedies: to get out of jail

But what if the jail, the police, the prosecution, or the court violate these rights? What remedies are available?

Get out of jail: One type of remedy forces a hearing or immediate release. A Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus, an equitable remedy, asks a judge to Order immediate release of a person from an illegal detention.

And another approach is for the defense attorney to contact court officials to demand scheduling a prompt hearing.

If the police get a confession from an illegally detained person; the defense lawyer can ask the Judge to suppress the confession as illegal, coerced and unreliable.

In cases a judge sets bail too high; Attorney Thomas Gallagher has made multiple motions for a speedy trial, or immediate release pending trial, with some success.

More information about pretrial release & bail

Do you have more questions about how to get your loved one out of jail? Or do you need to find a good criminal defense lawyer for him or her?

Question? Call Attorney Thomas Gallagher, 612 333-1500

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