Minnesota’s Incomplete Marijuana Decriminalization – Resinous Form Exception

1970s partial decriminalization of marijuana; the loophole In 1976, Minnesota decriminalized possession of a “small amount” of marijuana. Or did it?  Minnesota has only partially decriminalized a small amount of marijuana. Why partially? Minnesota’s decrim law applies to plant-form only.  But the law left a loophole for “the resinous form of marijuana,” still a felony.  And the “resinous form” comes in many forms, under many names.  These… Read More »Minnesota’s Incomplete Marijuana Decriminalization – Resinous Form Exception


Self-defense and The Other

Self-defense and The Other: Self-defense is a legal defense to certain criminal charges in Minnesota.  A defendant can plead self-defense when facing charges of: assault, murder, and disorderly conduct, among others. It is not a bright-line sort of law.  If it were, the law would be easier to apply; but justice and fairness would suffer.  Instead, the… Read More »Self-defense and The Other