C. C.

Thanks Tom for all your help and support.  I really appreciated all the time you spent on my case.  I’m so happy you helped me not get charged with a crime.

T. D.

Thank you for choosing to help me.  Your counsel to the client was brilliant.  I was so impressed that everyone knew you at court – everyone liked you, respects you. Thank you too, for taking the time to give me advice (I took notes.)  It will be a process to implement changes.

N. L.

Thank-you for personally helping me with my criminal case and immigration problem.  I’m so glad that you were able to work on my case to avoid a criminal conviction that would lead to deportation.  Thanks for making a serious situation better.

J. C.

Thank-you so much for helping us through this nightmare.  We were so stressed out over this.  After talking with you I felt so relieved my stress went way down.  I really appreciate your support and walking with us through this.


I wanted to thank you for your time to discuss my domestic assault case.  Criminal law can be frustrating.  It was nice to discuss with a person that has been doing this for a long time.  Thank you.