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Escalation, Dominance, Deception in Self-defense

Do you think little or a lot about self-defense? Either way, you’ll live a better life when you consider self-defense from two perspectives: the practical and the legal.  The different schools of self-defense training agree on many things.  Similarly, the law of self-defense agrees in many ways across jurisdictions, cultures, even history.   And though practical self-defense… Read More »Escalation, Dominance, Deception in Self-defense


Self-defense and The Other

Self-defense and The Other: Self-defense is a legal defense to certain criminal charges in Minnesota.  A defendant can plead self-defense when facing charges of: assault, murder, and disorderly conduct, among others. It is not a bright-line sort of law.  If it were, the law would be easier to apply; but justice and fairness would suffer.  Instead, the… Read More »Self-defense and The Other