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Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Lawyers in U.S. District Court of Minnesota

For a person accused of a crime, federal court is a daunting place to be. The power of the federal government is awesome. And its laws are harsh and cruel. But an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can protect your Liberty.

Target Letter vs. Federal Indictment

The first time a person becomes aware of a federal criminal court problem, is usually either the receipt of a target letter, or a Summons or Arrest on a federal Grand Jury Indictment.

A “target letter” is a letter from an Assistant United States Attorney (federal prosecutor) to a person letting them know that they are a target of a federal criminal investigation. Usually, the target letter is one page, inviting the target person to contact the prosecutor’s office directly or through an attorney. Doing so may have advantages and disadvantages, depending upon the target’s situation; but should only be done through an attorney. So if you receive a target letter, be sure to contact a federal court defense attorney to discuss.

Others never receive a target letter. Their first notice of a federal criminal case is their arrest on a federal warrant, following an Indictment. But a few might get a Summons to appear instead. In either event, the new defendant needs a federal defense attorney, as soon as possible.

Diminished federal jury trial right

Federal criminal defense lawyers work in a court where the jury trial “right” under the U.S. Constitution no longer exists as a freely available, right. In practice, the federal “Sentencing Guidelines” now impose a “trial tax” or “trial penalty.” The Guidelines assign a more severe prison sentence if a person dares to exercise their “right” to trial and loses.

And outlandish “mandatory minimum” sentencing laws give prosecutors tremendous power to punish anyone daring to assert their “right” to trial.

This makes having an experienced federal defense lawyer even more important. Even though the law gives many advantages to the government, we do have tools to fight for justice. And we can win, even against the federal government.

Attorney Thomas Gallagher will identify defenses and defense issues to avoid conviction or reduce the penalty. He will involve his client in a team effort. These include challenges to illegal evidence.

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Thomas Gallagher, Federal Criminal Attorney

Federal criminal defense lawyers must have expertise with the United States Sentencing Guidelines. We also must be fluent in the numerous “mandatory minimum” sentencing statutes. Mandatory minimum sentencing laws ignore the common law principle that “the punishment should fit the crime.”

Criminal defense lawyers identify key facts to help people avoid “mandatory minimum” sentences. And we minimize the dangers in the sentencing guidelines.

Attorney Thomas Gallagher works hard to defend his People from the government’s power. After all, federal criminal defense is serious business. Serious consequences hang in the balance – not only for the accused but the family and dependents.

Educating the accused person, and their supporters helps. They should understand what we are doing and why. And this includes helping everyone understand the federal court process.

Minneapolis Federal Court

Compared to Minnesota State Court

Traditionally, criminal law is the jurisdiction of State Courts. But in recent decades, we see a trend towards “the nationalization of criminal law.” And so, the federal government expands its power, to include the ultimate domestic power; the taking of life and liberty under color of law.

Yet today, the vast majority of “crimes” prosecuted still remain in State Court.

If we compare federal criminal defense cases with those prosecuted in state court:

  1. Federal court cases tend to be more serious crimes, if not in prohibited conduct; then, in consequences.
  2. Some federal cases are less serious, due to jurisdictional issues, e.g., Native-American nations or federal lands.

In addition, certain types of cases are more likely to be in federal court:

  • White Collar crimes,” claims of violations of vague federal statutes & administrative rules; larger embezzlement, fraud, & theft cases.
  • Drug crimes, larger, drug crime conspiracy cases, drug trafficking, importation & distribution. Drug diversion by medical personnel, medical fraud cases.
  • Certain sex crimes, larger child porn cases, computer sex crimes, & internet soliciting sex-with-minor charges.
  • Bank robbery.

Federal Attorney Thomas Gallagher can help

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher’s law firm is GALLAGHER CRIMINAL DEFENSE. He has represented People accused of federal court charges since 1989.

Attorney Thomas Gallagher works hard to be the best criminal defense lawyer.

An experienced criminal defense attorney, he has worked on high-profile federal criminal cases.

So, if you are a target of a federal criminal investigation, or facing federal charges; give Attorney Thomas Gallagher a call. 612 333-1500.

Guide to the Federal Court Process

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