Traffic Ticket

Should you pay a traffic ticket or get a traffic attorney to fight it?
After a traffic citation from a police officer, most people would like to prevent it from going on their Minnesota drivers license record or affecting their license or insurance rates.  Though fighting it won’t always get that result, not fighting it never will.  Whether it’s worth it to you to hire a lawyer it a question only you can answer.  In the long run, it may be cheaper to spend on a lawyer to try to keep your record clean.

4426610518_3c086ff470_b-sm+CMPRSDWhat is a uniform traffic citation?
A citation is a summons to respond to court on a tab charge alleging a petty misdemeanor violation or misdemeanor crime.  People often refer to this as a traffic ticket.  A “tab charge” is a criminal or petty misdemeanor charge filed with the court as simply the name of the charge and statutory citation, without a sworn claim of facts alleged to amount to probable cause to believe the accused did what is alleged.  In other words, a tab charge is not a written Complaint.  Almost all traffic violations are tab charged, by citation.

What violations and offenses in Minnesota are traffic-related?
Traffic or motor vehicle related crimes and violations range from felonies like Criminal Vehicular Homicide down to petty misdemeanors like equipment violations.  Some of these are discussed on other pages here:
Criminal Vehicular Operation
Reckless Driving
Driving After Revocation
Drivers License

Other common traffic tickets:
Red light
Stop sign
School Bus violation
Window Tint

Moving Violations and Equipment Violations
Moving Violations and violations and crimes related to driving conduct, insurance, having a valid license, or misusing a license generally can go on the driving record and lead to a license revocation, suspension or cancellation.  In general, equipment violations will result in a fix-it ticket or a fine only.

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