Most police contacts happen in cars and motor vehicles.  It’s no surprise then, that the majority of criminal law problems are traffic, driving, and motor vehicle related.  These include DUI and other impaired driving claims; speeding and other traffic violations; Driving After Revocation and drivers license issues – even equipment violations.

Minneapolis_Police_Squad_Car_(15188036214)-sm+CMPRSDDriving and traffic violations are important not only because they are the only police contacts most people will ever have, but also because traffic stops can lead to searches and serious criminal charges – some not necessarily driving-related.

What is at stake?
For driving-related felony charges prison is either a possibility or a presumptive sentence under the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines.  Most are not felonies.  Those are generally impaired driving claims with either priors or serious injury accidents, such as Criminal Vehicular Homicide, Criminal Vehicular Operation, and Felony DUI.

Most cases with claims of impairment are not felony charges.  But most DUI cases can result in jail, loss of drivers license, driving record and insurance impacts.

Speeding and other traffic violation cases can be charged as misdemeanor or other levels of crime, but this is rare.  Usually speeding tickets and traffic violations are charged as a petty misdemeanor.  Petty misdemeanor traffic violations upon payment of the fine or other conviction are then certified by the court to the State of Minnesota’s version of the DMV, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS).  They are then normally placed on the driver’s driving record, which can trigger impacts upon drivers license suspension, insurance and future law enforcement contacts.

Drivers licenses can be suspended, revoked or cancelled depending upon the nature of one driving-related conviction or the number of smaller convictions.   The best way to prevent drivers license consequences once charged with such a violation or offense is to retain the best defense lawyer you can.

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