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Criminal Vehicular Homicide

Minnesota Criminal Vehicular Homicide

This is the most serious driving offense. Many states call it Vehicular Manslaughter. But in Minnesota, we have the Criminal Vehicular Homicide crime, Minnesota Statutes §609.2112. And generally, it’s the:

  • Death of another person, and:
  • As a result of operating a motor vehicle:
  • Grossly Negligent Act; or
  • Simple Negligence plus DWI or Hit-and-Run.

If no the act did not cause a death, but the state has evidence of the other elements plus injuries; they can charge Criminal Vehicular Operation.

And prosecutors can charge Criminal Homicide and Murder crimes, without motor vehicle involvement.

Defenses to Criminal Vehicular Homicide

But Legal Defenses may include:

  • Accident without negligent or gross negligent act
  • Intent Defenses
  • Causation (another driver; equipment failure, etc.)
  • Involuntary Intoxication
  • Identity

The consequences of a conviction are severe. So a criminal vehicular homicide lawyer must mount the best defense consistent with the facts.

So Attorney Thomas Gallagher works to collect facts. He gets them from the client, the government and from investigators. And then he analyzes the facts to find evidence.

This helps him develop the best defense theory consistent with the truth..

Car accident? Criminal Vehicular Homicide charges could follow.
Car accident? Criminal Vehicular Homicide charges?

Accident Reconstruction

An Accident Reconstruction Expert can help investigate the facts. So, the reconstruction expert can help us find the cause of the accident.

How did the accident happen? And why?

This aids the criminal vehicular homicide defense attorney. And the expert can help the jury as an expert witness. So, an accident reconstruction expert can identify the true cause of a car accident.

Chemical Test Experts

But other experts can also help in these cases. For example, an expert on alcohol toxicology and chemical testing. And most of these cases involve alcohol. So these experts can help the defense lawyer, as well as the jury.

Alcohol tests include breath, blood, and urine. But many problems can make them inaccurate.

Criminal Vehicular Homicide Lawyer

Attorney Thomas Gallagher works tirelessly to show the truth, and protect his clients’ liberty and good name.

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Call Criminal Attorney Thomas Gallagher, about your case

Being a Defense Lawyer is a great responsibility; one that Thomas Gallagher takes seriously.

Right after an incident, the person who is the target of a police investigation needs a defense lawyer. And, a good defense lawyer can protect you.

That’s why people retain Thomas Gallagher for precharge, investigation representation.

And after charges, a Criminal Vehicular Homicide Lawyer needs adequate resources to mount the best legal defense.

Much is at stake in a Vehicular Manslaughter case. So the client should provide enough resources to fully develop the defense. And so. a good defense lawyer, investigators and expert witnesses may be necessary.

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Attorney Thomas Gallagher can expertly guide you safely through the court process, with the best defense.

Do you have a question? You can call Minneapolis Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher at (612) 333-1500 for answers.

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