Pre-Charge Lawyer

Pre-Charge Counsel Retainer

You have the Constitutional Right to a lawyer for reason.  It is an important and valuable protection.


Typically police officers investigating a possible case will create a sense of urgency.  They do not only as a matter of convenience but also as a tactic of surprise to disadvantage the target (you) and increase the chance of a waiver of rights (e.g., to silence, to not consent to a search).  Sure, law enforcement officers have a job to do.  The problem is that their job may hurt you — even if you are innocent.  If you knew nothing more, that should be enough to tell you that what helps them, hurts you.  If you feel pressured, listen to your gut.  It’s telling you to slow down.  Assert your rights.  Consult a lawyer first.

Sometimes people suspect or hear something that causes them to believe that they may be a target of a law enforcement investigation, before any police contact.

In either situation, the target of the investigation should consult a criminal defense lawyer.  For the best protection, consider retaining a Minnesota criminal lawyer as pre-charge counsel.

Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher
Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher

Legal Counsel

An experienced criminal defense attorney can draw upon years of experience in past criminal cases to counsel the client about risks and opportunities currently available.  A deep understanding of police and prosecutor practice is invaluable.  Knowing police investigatory practices and countermeasures can make the difference between later getting charged with a crime, or not.  Experience with prosecutors means knowledge about what makes a case more or less attractive to them for charging.

Sometimes a lawyer retained for pre-charge counsel may represent the client with police or prosecuting attorneys — Minnesota state or federal.  This could include intervening to prevent interrogation; representation at an agreed statement to police after an in-depth attorney consultation; or pre-charge discussion with prosecutors.  Note that all of these would be done only as client decisions.

In the event of an arrest and jail, the lawyer retained for pre-charge counsel will be ready to help counsel and advocate for release from detention, including at a bail hearing in front of a District Court judge.

If you have question about, or would like to retain pre-charge counsel, call Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Thomas C Gallagher at 612-333-1500.