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Brandishing, Assault & Self-Defense: Legal Readiness

    In Minnesota, prosecutors charge lawful weapon carriers with Felony Assault 2.  And Minnesota’s Second Degree Assault crime statute allows a felony charge for assault, even with no bodily harm at all, if the defendant used a weapon.  Moreover, Prosecutors enjoy implying something nefarious about that archaic word, “brandishing.” Forewarned is forearmed As a result, every… Read More »Brandishing, Assault & Self-Defense: Legal Readiness


    Marijuana Legalization in Minnesota: the Right Way

      Is it time? Opposing legalization is now political suicide Opposing marijuana legalization for responsible adult use is now political suicide.  That might surprise some.  But much has changed. Recently Gallup reported its polling on the issue:  “Sixty-six percent of Americans now support legalizing marijuana.” Democracy? Bipartisan Majorities And support is bipartisan.  More Democrats support marijuana legalization than Republicans. But “Gallup found… Read More »Marijuana Legalization in Minnesota: the Right Way


      How to Avoid a Marijuana Arrest in a Car: Nine Tips

        The other day I was talking to a prosecutor.  And I told him that we needed to keep my client’s public record clean.  “We don’t want words like ‘marijuana,’ ‘drug paraphernalia,’ and ‘criminal conviction’ there.”  And he mischievously said, “You know how he could avoid all that, don’t you?  Don’t get caught.” He was joking, but like many jokes there… Read More »How to Avoid a Marijuana Arrest in a Car: Nine Tips

        WWII_France_Resistance-1200. felony doesn't always impair Minnesota gun rights

        Felony doesn’t always impair Minnesota gun rights

          A Minnesota felony doesn’t always impair gun rights.  But many still believe that “any Minnesota felony conviction will mean a lifetime loss of gun rights.”  That’s wrong. When felony probation ends, Minnesota law automatically restores gun rights, with other civil rights. At least, this is the general rule of Minnesota law.  We discuss exceptions to that general rule below. The Right to Firearms The right… Read More »Felony doesn’t always impair Minnesota gun rights

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