CBD Is Legal Now in Minnesota

CBD legal status was a grey area.  But since July 1, 2019, that grey area has become black letter law. Minnesota’s legislature passed a new law amending the definition of “hemp” to the match the 2018 federal statutes’ definition. The new law, effective July 1, 2019, Minnesota Statutes § 18K.02 “DEFINITIONS,” says: “Subd. 3. “Industrial hemp” means the… Read More »CBD Is Legal Now in Minnesota

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Brandishing, Assault & Self-Defense: Legal Readiness

In Minnesota, prosecutors charge lawful weapon carriers with Felony Assault 2.  And Minnesota’s Second Degree Assault crime statute allows a felony charge for assault, even with no bodily harm at all, if the defendant used a weapon.  Moreover, Prosecutors enjoy implying something nefarious about that archaic word, “brandishing.” Forewarned is forearmed As a result, every… Read More »Brandishing, Assault & Self-Defense: Legal Readiness


Marijuana Legalization in Minnesota: the Right Way

Is it time for marijuana legalization in Minnesota? Opposing legalization is now political suicide Opposing marijuana legalization for responsible adult use is now political suicide.  That might surprise some.  But much has changed. Recently Gallup reported its polling on the issue:  “Sixty-six percent of Americans now support legalizing marijuana.” Democracy?  Bipartisan Majorities And support is bipartisan.  More Democrats… Read More »Marijuana Legalization in Minnesota: the Right Way