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MN Gun Law » “Minnesota Gun Law” CLE by Thomas Gallagher to MSCJ

“Minnesota Gun Law” CLE by Thomas Gallagher to MSCJ


On November 10, 2018 Thomas C. Gallagher, a Minneapolis Gun Crimes Defense Attorney, presented a gun law Continuing Legal Education course. He explained gun law to 50 of the best defense lawyers in Minnesota; the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice. And the course took place at the Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapolis.

How to Restore Gun Rights After a Misdemeanor Domestic Crime Conviction in Minnesota

Attorney Thomas Gallagher presents the law

Attorney Thomas Gallagher covered: “How to Restore Gun Rights After a Misdemeanor Domestic Crime Conviction in Minnesota. And this gun law course included:

  • Can I get my rights to firearms back after a conviction for a “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence?”
  • Felony vs Misdemeanor
  • Violence Against Women Act, a/k/a the Lautenberg Amendment
  • But, Federal gun law definition of “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence”
  • And, Federal definition is narrower than Minnesota’s definition in at least three ways
  • One: Requires an element of physical force or a deadly weapon — lacking in most Minnesota cases
  • Two: The federal relationship element is narrower than Minnesota’s relationship definition
  • Three: The due process protection qualifiers exclude cases; including where vindication of the right to counsel was lacking, or an less than adequate factual basis
  • And, Minnesota’s three-year ban and automatic restoration
  • So, the federal gun law respects states’ power to decide
  • The federal law’s three pathways to full civil rights
  • One: “expungement” or set aside of conviction
  • Two: Pardon
  • Three: Civil rights restoration (if the law of the jurisdiction provides)
  • And, the best remedies for restoration of civil rights to firearms after a Minnesota misdemeanor domestic crime conviction

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And if you are a lawyer, or a person with a question about guns and criminal law in Minnesota; call gun law Attorney Thomas Gallagher.

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