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Pre-trial Motions » Felony Domestic Assault Charges Dismissal, Based on Priors

Felony Domestic Assault Charges Dismissal, Based on Priors


    How we successfully moved for Dismissal of Felony Domestic Assault charges, enhanced based upon priors

    The Complaint alleged two or more previous “qualified domestic violence-related offense convictions” within ten years. And that was the basis for Felony level Assault charges; enhanced to a felony level offense; solely upon Minnesota Statutes §609.2242, Subd. 4 priors. 

    But without two or more “qualified domestic violence-related offense convictions” the felony charge would face dismissal.  (Although, prior to jeopardy attaching; the prosecutor could recharge domestic assault on the same factual claims, but at a lower severity level than a felony.)

    Hidden defense: felony domestic assault dismissal
    Hidden defense: felony domestic assault dismissal

    Making the law your friend

    Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Thomas C. Gallagher reviewed the client’s prior conviction record. And he compared it to the statutory definition of “qualified domestic violence-related offense convictions” in Minn. Stat. §609.02, Subd. 16. 

    The client had a conviction for Violation of a DANCO, under Minn. Stat. §518.0 1, Subd. 22(d). But that was not among those listed under the statute defining “qualified domestic violence-related offense convictions.”

    The prosecutor had made a mistake charging felony domestic assault. And Attorney Thomas Gallagher caught that mistake.

    The prosecuting attorney later remarked that even though the law changed several years ago; this was the first time a defense attorney ever come up with this defense.  And a review of published cases confirmed this observation. 

    After a judge commented favorably prior to a contested omnibus hearing, on Attorney Thomas Gallagher’s motion to dismiss; the prosecutor requested time to consider it. And then the prosecutor later dismissed five felony charges against Gallagher’s client prior to the contested hearing date. He had no evidence to support charge enhancement based on prior, after all.

    So a good criminal defense lawyer is detail oriented. And he must check everything the government does for mistakes, as part of a thorough and complete defense.

    But, this is even more important for anyone facing a felony domestic assault charge.

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    Attorney Thomas Gallagher represents people facing domestic criminal charges.

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