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Defending Marijuana Cases CLE by Attorney Thomas Gallagher

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Minnesota Marijuana Attorney, Thomas Gallagher, presented his Continuing Legal Education course: “Defending Marijuana Cases,” June 15, 2018. He spoke to 200 of the best defense lawyers in Minnesota; at the 33rd Annual Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice DWI Seminar.

Topics covered by Attorney Thomas Gallagher at “Defending Marijuana Cases” included:

  1. “Scheduling,” Minnesota & federal
  2. Medical marijuana issues
  3. Medical necessity defense
  4. Marijuana in a Motor Vehicle defenses
  5. Small amount “resinous form” technical loophole
  6. Prolonged detention abuses & remedies
  7. Auto searches based on odor of marijuana as probable cause
  8. Drug testing; screening vs. lab tests; false positives, proof of identity
  9. Weight issues in marijuana cases
  10. Conflicting definitions of marijuana vs. mixture vs. hemp
  11. Unconstitutional presumption: “intent to sell” based on possession
  12. Growing charged as sale even though no sale
  13. Circumstantial evidence & “construction possession
  14. Circumstantial evidence not enough unless inconsistent with any rational hypothesis except guilt
  15. Passenger vs. driver; mere presence is not enough jury instruction
  16. Right to present a defense
  17. Jury nullification & rule of lenity, marijuana cases
  18. First Amendment religious freedom defense
  19. DWI-marijuana cases
  20. Short half-life of blood THC
  21. THC (psychoactive) vs THC-metabolites (non-psychoactive)
Sow the Seeds of Victory: Defending Marijuana Cases
Sow Seeds of Victory

Attorney Thomas Gallagher: Defending Marijuana Cases

Attorney Thomas Gallagher is a frequent presenter of Continuing Legal Education courses on criminal law topics.

And many know him for his advocacy for the reform of marijuana laws, serving on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota chapter of NORML, as well as speaking marijuana law reform. Attorney Thomas Gallagher also writes often on existing marijuana laws as well as proposed legal reforms.

If you are a lawyer, or a person with a question about defending marijuana cases, call Attorney Thomas Gallagher: 612 333-1500.

Thomas Gallagher teaches DUI-marijuana & Hemp Defenses

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