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Minnesota Marijuana » Minnesota NORML Elects Thomas Gallagher Chair of Board

Minnesota NORML Elects Thomas Gallagher Chair of Board

    On September 16, 2017 the Board of Directors of Minnesota NORML elected Thomas C. Gallagher to Chair of the Board.  Gallagher is a Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer.  And he twice ran for election as a Representative in the Minnesota House in District 61B (incumbent Paul Thissen) in 2014 and 2016.  Moreover, he was the endorsed-candidate of Republican Party of Minnesota in both election cycles.

    Minnesota NORML

    “Minnesota NORML is a non-partisan Minnesota Nonprofit with 501(c)(4) status,” Gallagher noted.  It is the Minnesota Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. “Our goal is legal marijuana in Minnesota for responsible adult useMinnesota marijuana laws must change.

    Minnesotans should have equal rights to cannabis as to beer and wine.  So this means age 21 and older; with taxes and regulation; no possession quantity limits, the same as beer and wine. And it means legal small batch home production.”

    Prohibition will not be over until every law criminalizing possession of marijuana is repealed. The alcohol Prohibition is over: no criminal penalty exists for possession of any quantity of beer, wine or spirits, no matter how large or how much. No one asks: “Why do you need so many bottles of wine on your wine cellar?” or “Do you have a license to possess thirty 16 gallon kegs of beer for your daughter’s big wedding?” No good excuse exists for prolonging criminal Prohibition, or arresting people for possession.

    Thomas C. Gallagher, Chair, Minnesota NORML

    Home grow” Gallagher said, “is essential.  Ending marijuana prohibition is only incidentally about marijuana. But it is really about personal freedom.  And Minnesota NORML wants to empower the People, support Liberty for all.  So with legal home grow, anyone can grow their own cannabis for medicinal or personal use with little money.  And freedom should not be only for people with money.”

    “Now, all the major polls show majority support for legalization of marijuana (and a super-majority for medical marijuana). So why – in a democracy – is the will of the People not yet enacted into law?” Gallagher asks.

    If our elected representatives lack political courage to do the will of the People; then we say “Let the People Decide!” 

    Amend the Minnesota Constitution – Equal Rights

    Bills in the Minnesota legislature would place a constitutional amendment on the general election ballot. And so, finally, the People can legalize marijuana for responsible adult use, like beer and wine.  Even politicians unwilling to support legalization should be able to support democracy, the vote and “allowing” the People to decide.  Minnesota NORML supports these Bills.

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    All we need is you

    “It’s not inevitable.  Vested interests protect the current Prohibition regime. And they fight hard to reverse the progress we’ve made. They would stop the return of Freedom to the People of Minnesota,” Thomas Gallagher warned. 

    “’How soon will it be legal?’ people ask me.  ‘How soon will you join us working hard to make it happen?’ is my smiling reply” says Gallagher.

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    Minnesota NORML holds monthly Members Meetings and other events and activities, so people can connect. Get involved.  For further information:


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